As I watch the tall ships come sailing in, I think of my dream. I dream that I sail the world on a tall ship of our own. The captain of this ship is you Dad and I am your first mate. How we used to talk about doing this very thing. Well if it's here on earth or in the heavens above, I will always have my dream. We are sailing a tall ship you and I, we go from place to place, never having a set course to follow. I see the horizon just ahead, oh see that sunset, and feel the warm salt breeze. Oh and look at the stars as they shine, and the soft wind that bellows our sails, making a drum like sound. The ship sways to the beat of the waves as they slap up against the bow of our tall ship. You and I are seeing the world through my dream, it's a beautiful tall ship. My tears are the summer rain that has come down upon us. A soft rain it is. Soon I will wake and then at the days end start the dream of our tall ship over again

Original Writings Copyright Francine Rexford 1999