The Red Rose

As it grows you begin to see what it will be. The long stem brings a green bud, as the bud begins to open you see a pinkest color, but then you realize the this is a bud of a red rose. Once the bud is fully open there stands the most beautiful of all roses, it's the red rose. The rose of love. It is sent every time someone wants you to know you are loved. No other can match it's meaning. Look at it with it's perfect pedals, the red color so deep and bright. It's stem the darkest of green, it is a winner, it's the red rose. So remember if you get red roses you are loved. The red rose is the best you can get. So when you are in love remember the red rose. It will always stand out from the rest, because it is the red rose.

Original Writings Copyright Francine Rexford 1999