Was yesterday summer?

Did we walk hand - in - hand - through the meadow - stopping to pick some daises - just yesterday morning? Did we romp with the children near the playground - our laughter as innocent as theirs - just yesterday afternoon? Did you strum your guitar - as we looked at each other - out hearts beating in unison - just last night? No, the trees are to bare and the air is to cold, for it to have been, and me being here and you being there proves it's impossible. All I have from that summer day is a wilted daisy and a deflated, red balloon. The trees are budding, the air is getting warmer, soon it will be summer again.

Life Experiences

The experiences of my life are the never ending whirlwinds of growing up. Day by day new joys and sorrows seem to find there place. Soon a new life will begin and a long with it another whirlwind. Life is funny the way it begins, the way it ends, and all that is in between. The laughter of a child is now in the shadows of the past. the heart brake of the first love that went with the wind. It left me empty and with the feeling I would never love again. It too is apart of my past that is now behind me. As I grow older I begin to see where changes in my life must be made. The experiences of the past have taught me the true meaning of my feelings. What I thought was true love was a fairy tale. I now know that to be loved, I must love, and sharing is the greater part of love. There will be many more experiences of my life, for each day I learn new things about me. I then change the things I have learned to fit the life I lead, so that I may be the person, I am, me.

In The Wild

Softly and quietly I enter the thick woods. There I find a large rock to sit upon. I do not make a sound. As I look around, life begins to move around me. Off to my left is a group of deer grazing on a patch of grass. In front of me are some chipmunks, they are so funny to watch, they come just inchs from where I sit. Then as I look to my right, there is a family of rabbits, how cute the baby ones are. Again I look to my left and there is a red fox settling down for an afternoon nap. Off in the distance I here the cry of a mountain lion. As time passes the animals of the wild except me being here and they begin to move in closer, content that I mean them no harm. I stay for hours taking in all their movements. It is peaceful, quite here and I begin to relax, and fall to sleep. When I wake, I see too that they relaxed and most of them took a nap too! Slowly I rise from where I am sitting, and softly, quietly, turn and walk out of the thick woods, I turn one last time and know I will return again and again to the wild.


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