Love Me Please

The Homeless

Did you have supper tonight? Do you have a warm bed to Sleep in tonight? Where are you tonight? As I look around the streets at night I see the sad faces of small children and their parents. There are no smiles for the shelter was full and they must sleep in the streets tonight. What kind of a country are we that we do not care for all it's people. How did she let it get this far? This is the country of the free and the brave, yet her people are poor, hungry and without shelter, and you find her people going from place to place. Looking for jobs that don't exist. You have those in power who say how ugly it is to see people living out of cardboard boxes, what are they too do. We do not see those in power putting their hands in their pockets and offering some of what they have to someone who doesn't. The ones too hurt most are the children, listen you will hear them cry, you will see their tears. If there is nothing now, what will there be when they are grown. It is time for the people to take back their country, let her know that she can not help others until she helps her own. She needs to make her people proud again. Hello, are you warm tonight, do you have a roof over your head, did you eat tonight? Hello, where are you tonight? I wish I may, I wish I might find you tonight in a home of your own, all warm and sleepy form a good meal. Smiling and happy because you made it to where you are tonight, HOME.