I have met many new friends on line it is great to know these people

they are all loves.


You are my friend, you know all there is to know. You and I can chat for hours and still have things to to say. We always have a good time no matter how serious we try to be. You make me smile and I make you smile. We are forever laughing out loud. You like popping up on the screen to surprise me, and you do make me jump. Sometimes we talk about improtant things, but then we get joking and start to laughing again. The miles between you and I melt away and we don't feel so far apart. I know you got the feeling that we became close on a very short time, just as if some how, some way we already knew each other for a very long time. You bring out the best in me. You are my friend. You opened up my heart to writing again. You knew from the start it was a love I have. So as you visit my pages you will find the love you have helped to open up again, my love for writing. You are my friend. Someone like you does no come around everyday, so with great admiration I thank you dear friend. I love ya! You are special, you are my friend. There are a lot of you who fit this writing, you all know who you are, and I thank you because you are my friends.

Original Writings Copyright Francine Rexford 1999