A Land Untamed

As I walk upon the land, I hear the spirits of our fore fathers. I am standing on th land that was once free. Where hard work and blood,sweat and tears made the land rich. Then there was those who came and said they knew more than those that were here first. They fought with each other. Did anyone really win? Are we better for it today. Then why are people with out shelter and food? The government, they have the answer it is said. We are no better off now, then when the government banished the American Indain form their home lands. The guestion is was that the best thing to do? I think not. We are suposed to be a gpvernment for the people, of the people, so if this is so why are there still people homeless, children without families. Why are will still a country divided? Should we not go back to the simple life? As I look back things took hard work but you knew who you were and where you were going. The family was the center of all lives. To day we must fight for everything to make are lives, so we say better. What is better, who is better off? My heart crys for the baby that can not fend for itself and left in a trash can. I feel sorrow for the elderly who can not afford the medication to make them well. I feel anger for the lazy people who live off their government because they do not have the ambition to work and surport their familys. Isn't time we all got together and stood up and let the government know they need to relook at what they think is best for it's people. We are wrong to repress the people who where here before us, we are no better than they are. We can not allow are government to treat any people differently. We are all equal. It is time for us all to open out eyes and see we are wrong and that we are not perfect in our ways, and maybe then things can be different. We can then be a Country without prejudice for all men, women and children. Open our hearts, open our eyes, open are arms so that all men, women and children can heal, from the mistakes of our founding fathers and the ways of our government today. For this country still remains untamed.


I will always remember our first hello. I remember how our eyes met in a cheerful laugh. I remember how funny we sounded to each other, (you were from the west, I from the east). I remember holding hands as we walked down the sandy shore. Yet what I remember most, yes what I remember most of all is our first kiss. I remember, do you?

Our Love

As I stand here huddled close to you. Thinking about all the love we have for each other. Only to know that some day it may end. You going you way and I going my way, only to separate our bond of love that grew so true. In love we are, yet will time let us be love abiding forever? Will our end come with the rising day that brought me here to stand with you. Our bodies huged so close. to scared to think what will become of us when we part.

A Dream

I had a dream, would you like to share it with me. I dreamed of loving you and you loving me. Yet as dawn brings the beginning of a new day, it all fades away. As I turn to look at you my hands touch empty space not you. Your smile was so real to me last night,yet it was only my eye lids that weren't completely closed.Your body was my pillow that fell to the floor during the night.My body was restless, that babe was your heart beat. My tears were the warm showers we were hiding from. Your words were the soft winds of a late summers night. You were very real to me last night, yet in the now of today, I know you were just a dream.

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