A Wolves Life

As the wolves cry out, so do the people who know them best. They know that they are misunderstood. They are a gentle spirit, recovering from a life on the run, one that almost lead them to extinction. They mean no harm. They are surviors of a superfical world that acts before it knows the facts. It you take away their food they will hunt. If you harm their young they will attack. Like most things if you respect the wolves, they respect you. Step back and take a look at this majestic animal. It's eyes so warm, it's stride so fluent, it's beauty astounding. If you look closely you will find a kinred spirit between you. A sense of knowing, a sense of belonging. Now stand up and do your part to protect this beatiful animal that just may become a part of your spirit.

The Night Dream

As she slumbers, may her dreams take her to a place where she has never been before. What she see's there is so real. She hopes that when she wakes her dreams come true. In her heart she knows if she dreams it, it will be so, for her dream catcher stores her dreams night after night and in the morning light holds them true to her everyday life. She then lives her life as she dreamed it.

In The Moon Light

Standing in the moon light your reflections ripple across the water. The soft breeze echo's your hearts. There is a silent melody playing behind you. The lapping of the water on the lakes edge is keeping time with your beating hearts. With each breath you take the quiteness grows louder. The night bird sing it's song, the words being your thoughts. In this peaceful place you are bound together with your silence, no words need to be spoken, for you know your hearts will be together for the rest of time. For your ties to each other run deep. For you belong together. Tonight you are bound to together as one.


As two wolves mate for life , so do two lovers, making them lifemates. They care for each other, never parting. Always side by side. Sharing life as one. Where one goes the other follows. Never to far apart, each knowing the others move. Hearts linked together forever, souls as one. They are two, yet they are one. They remain lifemates in the now world, and remain as soulmates in the after world. Lifemates forever.......


Walk softly, listen to the sounds of a world unknown to most. Open your heart, you will here as never before. Listen as the sounds form words upon the wind. Open your eyes. You will see things that you have never seen before. Look at the things around you, they will tell you the story. Now with all your new senses feel the beauty you were blind to before. See, feel and hear all that is new to you. Never close yourself off so much that you do not use these senses, live each day as never before. Be open for new ideas, look not on what a person is, look at the person for who they are. Listen with open ears, hear with an open heart, see with open eyes.


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