To Sadie Minnie Hardenbergh My Nana

You taught me a pinch of this, a little of that. You gave me your secrets and hints all in my youthful years. The talks we had, the places we went. The little red bags at Christmas. Your ice tea, and fig and plum pudding. You pasted on to me your way of making turkey stuffing. I remember going to pick blue berries and the gardens. I remember the strong women you were. You were a women who knew her mind, and you spoke your mind too. I am so grateful for the that from my birth until my adulthood that we were together in the same home. Not many grandchildren have that luxury. You were always there. So to you I salute you forever on this page as you are one of the people who made me who I am. I have, Nana begun to come full circle with my life, each day I become closer to who I am. You are my candle in the wind.

To The Mountain Man - My Dad

You taught me all there was to know about the out doors. I learned well, you named me your mountain flower. This is to you Dad I miss you. The air out side is getting colder. Thinking of you brings the warmth back again. You always knew what to say to make me smile, over and over, you are my best friend. If I close my eyes, I see you and we are together again. You are there each and every time I need you, you are my best friend. When I was down and out you found me again, you are my best friend. You don't judge me, or look down on me, you are my best friend. Though we are worlds apart, we seem to stay in touch, you are my best friend. Yes you may be gone, I still look for you because you are my best freind. Only now you look down and watch over me, you are still my best freind. You still make me smile, even though I can't see you, I will never stop needing you, my best friend. When I cry you seem to wipe the tears and replace them with a smile, I wish you were here, my best friend. This is for you Daddy today and every day, you are my best friend. I love you.

To MY Mother

Mom you always said to me I wish upon you children just like you. Well I put here my answer to that. I see in all my children apart of me. I welcome those parts, I know how to comfort them. You gave me your gifts and wisdom of being a mother to me, or I could not be one. I tell you now that my children and my life are not perfect, but you have given me the strength to endure all that comes my way. I know that at times it does not seem or look like I will succeed, I ask only that you you believe in me and I will succeed. I love you and I know I don't always show it or say it enough. You show me that what ever life throws at you, you take it and move on with your life. I am comming full circle with my life. I am my own person. I shall shine and find my place in this world, for you are my mother, a part of you is me. I am almost there. Thank you for being here. You are my pillar of strength my guiding light that glows with a brightness that shows my my way.

The Mountain Flower

I am the mountain flower. I grow and bloom year after year, matureing with each new year. As I open up high on the mountain top, my stem becomes stronger with the fresh falling rain. My petals reaching out to the skies above. Come sit with me and watch, I will tell you the story of the mountain I climb. As the mountain around me changes so do I. I hold my petals up high and stand proud of the life I have. It matters not that some do not see the beauty in me, or answer the needs I have. I may stand alone, but they will see that even they can't take away what is blooming in me. As the sunshine shines on me I stand brightly as tall as I can. There is no stopping me from growing. My petals may get plucked, I will grow new ones. You may pick me, cut me, and throw me away, but I will still grow, there is no way to stop the life in me, I am the mountain flower, it is me.

   About the people who share this page with me, without them I would not be the person I am. I thank them for being the most important part of my life, and to my children for being a lot like me.
    I want to thank my dad for giving me the ability to write and for always encouraging me to do so.


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