Memories To my Brothers

Do you remember when we were small? There are times I think I will never remember the past, yet as I put bits and peices together, the memories come flooding back. Wasn't it just yesterday that we ran through the rain, laughing and playing all those silly games. Mom and Nana running after us, to keep us out of trouble. I find myself smiling as I wonder how we made it to where we are today. Isn't it funny, those things we did when we were small? We did almost everthing together. Remember the baths we took together, pretending that we were swimming. Dad just didn't know what to do with us. When I should have been playing with dolls, I remember playing football and doing the things you, my brothers did. It wasn't until I hit those unspeakable years of puberty, that I relized I was different. It was a hard tranformation but I made it. I became a young lady, yet never forgetting the world as I knew it with you my brothers. Remember the tree house we built, as I was walking in the woods the other day I came upon one of our tree house. It is still in the tree, some of the boards have fallen. As I stood looking up at it, the memories of putting the tree house way up in that old tree came back to me. The little brook that ran behind the tree house is still there, the only difference is that it is all grown up around it, just as if it grew with us. The little things are what I remember most. Like the Christmas when daddy dressed up as Santa Claus. We never knew until years later. Our winters were always fun when we were kids. Daddy would make us snow forts, we played in them for hours. I remember Daddy teaching us all to ski. The more we fell the harder we would try until we got it right. Summers were just as much fun, swimming, water sking, and camping. I remember our first camping trip. Remember the volkswagon bus? We couldn't find a campsite and it was pouring rain. We ended up sleeping in a motel room the first night. Daddy knew we were disappointed, he thought for sure we would hate it. To his surprise we loved it. Yes all we have are memories. Yours may be different, but these are the memories I have of my childhood and the two of you my brothers. Angels we never were and remembering I know us as we were, loved. That makes the memories more rememberable. I could go on endlessly, then I would have to write a book. Now that we are on our own, we are making new memories, with our children. You will pass your memories to yours and I will pass mine on to my children, just as Mom, Dad and Nana did for us. It's the gift we have of love that will continue to grow from generation to generation.

Original Writings Copyright Francine Rexford 1999