Wild Horses

My love for horses brings me to the web ring Wild Horses that I started for them. They are a beautiful majestic animal. If I would have a dream for them, it is that I would have enough land so that they may run free, live free, and be free. I do not feel that anyone should be making money off of them. They are like any animal born to the wild. Yes they grow in numbers, but so do the other wild animals. Their grace, their stance, look how proud they are. Please help to let them be free. Do not brake them, so they lose their spirit. Just once sit and watch them as they run, see how they glide with each stride they take. Feel your heart pound as their hoofs hit the ground, close you eyes and see the beauty in them being free. They are moved from place to place, not knowing anymore where their home may be. The Wild Horses can not speak for themselves, so I am speaking for them. PLEASE LET THEM BE FREE

Original Writings Copyright Francine Rexford 1999