Daddies Little Girl

All he said he wanted of his little girl.

Was that she have golden hair, eyes of

blue, and a smile just for him.

Well daddie got his little girl, her hair

is golden, her eyes are blue and her

smile is just for him.

Each day this golden hair, blue eyed

princess awaits the arrival of her daddie.

She may only be a princess only unto him,

yet she is a princess, her royalty is her own.

As she grows up her beauty will be one of her

prize possession. Yet another will be her

gracefulness, as she glides through each day

with the assurance of her own fair name.

Look and watch "daddies" your little golden

hair, blue eyed girls soon will be grown and

they can never return as your little girls.

Before you know it they will give their hearts

to another, their smiles that once belong only

to you, will belong to another she will share

all her love with.

You hav not lost your golden girl, she just grew

up. Keep looking she may give you a golden

to take her place.

Even grown she will always remember who's

heart she first stole, for she will always be

daddies girl!

I remember daddie and I remain your little

girl now and for always.

I am daddies girl!

Original Writings Copyright Francine Rexford 1999