Love Me Please

For everything there is a reason. So here on this page I dedicate it to the children. Love them and care for them. Feed them so as their tummy's may be full and keep them warm at night. Bring a smile to their little faces. They are the innocent. Love them for they are our tomorrows. Hold them tight as they need to know that they are safe. Let them be happy, open your heart and take them by the hand. Show them that no matter what they are loved, give them a reason to care. Turn not away and do nothing, remember they could have been you. Show them the way to become the things they so want to be, show them they are loved. See their little faces, how sweet they are, give them love. Please, so that all children will know they are loved. They need not be your children for all children belong to the world. Help me to show the children of the world they are loved.

Original Writings Copyright Francine Rexford 1999