Spirit The Black Stallion

Jade Hawk a Cherokee Indain Maiden, knew the legend of

So-qui-li (spirit horse). As Jade Hawk gazed out across

the open meadow. She saw him, the Black Stallion (So-

qui-li). Jade Hawk could tell that his heart and soul

were adawelagisgv (ablaze). For his heart and soul was

just as Jade Hawk's heart and soul were. The Black he

is so beautiful, that it takes Jade Hawk's breath away.

A proud majestic stanch he has. He has the control. Jade

Hawk dreams often of the Black Stallion. Always entering

her dreams the same way as the night before. It is as if

he is calling her name. The legend boast of the Black

Stallion as being untouchable. Jade Hawk knew different

her heart knew it was not so. She would have patiences

and wait. He will come to her, they were connected. Jade

Hawk knew one day soon she would be upon his back, with

the wind to their backs, and with the fury they both had,

they would fly across the meadow, free to be themselves.

Jade Hawk went to the meadow everyday. The Black Stallion

would come closer every time, making Jade Hawk's heart

beat faster and harder than she ever felt before. It was

so loud that to her it sounded like drums, beating in a

far away place, that Jade Hawk didn't know. Then one day

it was very sunny and warm. Jade Hawk fell a sleep, in

her mind she was in a dream. But when she woke it was

not a dream, the Black Stallion was standing over her,

as if to protect her. Slowly Jade Hawk stood up and began

stroking the Black Stallion's neck, then all a long his

body until she reach all the way around him. The bond

between the two of them had been made. Their hearts and

souls were now one. Jade Hawk pulled herself up on the

Black Stallion's back. They rode like the wind, the Black

Stallion's mane flying like a row of feathers. Jade hawk

let her hair down and it flows just as his mane does.

The picture they make is that of beauty and grace. You

can not tell where the Black Stallion starts and Jade Hawk

ends. She is proud sitting a top his back, he is proud

having Jade Hawk sitting there. Nothing can make them part.

The two of them are untamed. No ropes to bind them, no

ropes to hold them, they are free. Jade Hawk knows only

a pure heart can tame her, for that heart will love Jade

Hawk's heart above all else. She knows that when her

heart is tamed, so will the Black Stallion's heart be

tamed. Until then they ride fast in to the wind heart's

ablazed waiting for the day they will become complete,

when they will be whole. Their hearts and souls will

ablaze no more, they will hurt no more. Jade Hawk and the

Black Stallion wait with open arms, looking upward for

a sign from the spirits that hold all the answers to their

dreams. To the spirits that guide them, that protect them,

from all the black hearts and dead souls of the world.

Dohiyi (I wish you peace) they say. Do hi tsu (How are

you?) Jade Hawk answers Do hi quu (I am well) wa do

(thank you.) the spirits then answer Jade Hawk, Gvlieliaga

( you're welcome) and Jade Hawk takes off again on the

back of the Black Stallion. The spirits know that soon

a true heart, a pure heart will find Jade Hawk. He will

be thlah yah gwanh-tah (a person of soul, truth and feel-

ing to match Jade Hawk ( a person of passion), who will

akayotodi (absorb) the ehisdv (ache) of her heart and she

then can ease the pain of the Black Stallion's heart

for ever. They then will be whole, they will be complete.


Original Writings Copyright Francine Rexford 1999